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4. faculty & 6. hooky

With a short skirt that is just long enough to get away with and textbooks held close to her chest, Rikku tiptoes down the halls during third period. She's supposed to be behind closed doors, along with the rest of the students in their assigned classes, but Rikku is making her way to the gymnasium, where she suspects the incredibly gorgeous P.E teacher to be.

The coast has been clear her whole way there, and it's always nice when that happens.

"Heh heh," she carefully approaches the steel doors and takes a peek through the window.

- Your character, whether male or female, can be the teacher!
- Or a student wandering the halls
- Maybe even a student in the class itself
- OTA to the max!

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1) STOPPED TRAIN: The train broke down. Or another train did, and that's blocking the tracks. Or maybe a sinkhole opened and swallowed half of the next station. It could be caused by any number of things, but all you know is that you aren't moving any time soon.

~ * ~

Rikku faces the window; her knees planted on the seat as they pass through the Mi'ihen Highroad, toward Mushroom Rock. This is the train's first test run, and Rikku has nominated her dear cousin to come for a ride.

"This is so cool, huh, Yunie?" She's giddy, and her eyes are almost as wide as her grin. "Me and the guys have been workin' on that train station in Luca for over a year now, and here we finally are!"

She sighs, almost longingly, "yep, this is my baby, alright--oof!" The train quickly slows down before coming to an abrupt stop and Rikku flies passed the middle row of seats.

"Oy," she rubs her head. "What the heck was that?"


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Aww! Missed me, huh?

It's alright, munny-poo. It isn't exactly easy to shake off this Al Bhed girl, so I don't blame ya.

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Prompt : #8 Really cracky problems

Role : Therapist

Rikku lays on the chaise lounge improperly off the side, her head hung playfully with her long blonde hair folded on the pale carpet. In her hands is a pen and notepad, and she watches as she draws a stick daisy.

"I know, I know, wrong chair, but I just thought we could do a little 'reverse psychology' today."

She peers up, looking at her patient who, in her position, is upside-down, and gestures to the therapist's chair.

"Have a seat, kiddo!"


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Dec. 12th, 2012 02:54 am
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What'samatter, mun? Don't like change? Well, too bad so sad 'cause what you see is what you get!

Now are ya gonna play me or what? I'm gettin' bored here.


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Mun, you there? 'Course ya are.

Listen, I'm getting bored over here. Not to mention lonely, so can you find Yunie and Paine for me? I'm seriously okay with Brother at this point.


See, I thought it was all "oh so you do the dirty work and I play in games; I think I can handle that!" But nope! Nothing's happening!