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Apr. 5th, 2017 06:40 am
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Aww! Missed me, huh?

It's alright, munny-poo. It isn't exactly easy to shake off this Al Bhed girl, so I don't blame ya.

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Prompt : #8 Really cracky problems

Role : Therapist

Rikku lays on the chaise lounge improperly off the side, her head hung playfully with her long blonde hair folded on the pale carpet. In her hands is a pen and notepad, and she watches as she draws a stick daisy.

"I know, I know, wrong chair, but I just thought we could do a little 'reverse psychology' today."

She peers up, looking at her patient who, in her position, is upside-down, and gestures to the therapist's chair.

"Have a seat, kiddo!"


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Dec. 12th, 2012 02:54 am
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What'samatter, mun? Don't like change? Well, too bad so sad 'cause what you see is what you get!

Now are ya gonna play me or what? I'm gettin' bored here.


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Mun, you there? 'Course ya are.

Listen, I'm getting bored over here. Not to mention lonely, so can you find Yunie and Paine for me? I'm seriously okay with Brother at this point.


See, I thought it was all "oh so you do the dirty work and I play in games; I think I can handle that!" But nope! Nothing's happening!